Transport Strategy Action Plan

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Executive Summary

·   While the transport sector enjoys a sophisticated infrastructure and a strong qualified workforce, it suffers from various weaknesses and potential threats to advancement related to workforce and information systems

·   Jordan is aiming to provide modern and improved infrastructure and enhance the country’s competitiveness while restructuring the public sector to become more productive and effective

Key Findings

SWOT Analysis

·   Analysis of the sector highlighted the following key strengths:

o   The availability of modern and sophisticated technological infrastructure in the country

o   The availability of qualified workforce and technical and administrative specialties

o   The availability of an institutional and regulatory framework that defines policy-making, regulation and operational roles clearly

·   Despite Jordan’s strengths in this sector, the country has several shortcomings:

o   The inability to retain qualified workforce/employees

o   The ministry’s organizational structure

o   The lack of information systems to support decision-making in the sector

o   Inadequate specialized technical training courses at all levels

·   Various opportunities exist for Jordan to facilitate transport and trade and partner with the private sector:

o   Jordan’s geographical location

o   Transport and trade facilitation program

o   Adoption of the government of partnership programs with the private sector

o   Regional and international economic groupings

o   E-government and ICT projects

o   Interest from financing institutions

·   There are several potential threats to the sector that need to be taken into consideration:

o   Overlapping mandate and tasks between the ministry and other entities

o   Limited financial resources

o   High oil prices

o   Political instability in the region

o   Global financial crisis

Recommended Actions/Initiatives

The strategy defines four strategic goals as well as a series of initiatives for the achievement of each. An overview is provided in this summary. The document also includes KPIs and estimated costs for the recommended initiatives over the 2012-2014 period across the four strategic goals which have not been included.


Goal 1: Raise the ministry’s level of performance to enable it to carry out its mandate/responsibilities

·   Build capacity and restructure the Ministry of Transport

·   Train staff according to the ministry’s approved training plan 2012-2014

·   Activate functional relationships within administrative units

·   Develop Transportation Strategy

·   Develop short-term strategy annually

·   Develop long-term strategy

·   Develop a supportive work environment for the ministry

·   Develop internal intranet and knowledge management systems

·   Sustain and develop government resource management system (GRP)

·   Improve the ministry’s website

·   Prepare the crisis management operations room

·   Establish data bank

·   Develop a complaints, suggestions and inquiries system (CRM)


Goal 2: Strengthen the partnership between the public and private sectors

·   Encourage investment in all the different modes of transport

·   Establish a specialized department to manage large projects in the ministry


Goal 3: Activate the National Committee to facilitate transport and trade

·   Build local capacity to facilitate transport and trade

·   Develop capacity building for the transport sector’s partners

·   Develop a plan to strengthen the role of the Transport and Trade Facilitation Committee

·   Complete the establishment of the National Committee Secretariat for facilitating transport and trade

·   Build and strengthen regional cooperation in facilitating transport and trade

·   Conduct regional workshops to discuss transport and trade issues


Goal 4: Develop the transport system

·   Modernize/upgrade transportation networks

·   Establish a national railway network

·   Establish Jordan Railway Authority

·   Connect Amman and Zarqa public transport

·   Follow up the expansion and renovation of Queen Alia International Airport

·   Establish Amman Logistics Services Center and Mafraq land Port

·   Establish Eshidiya link


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Transport Strategy Action Plan

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