Innovative Approaches to Create Jobs and Prosperity for Jordanians – Economic Development Program Final Report

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Executive Summary

· The aim of the program was to enhance Jordan’s competitiveness in the global market, conduct deep public sector reform, and increase the number of available jobs

· The program targeted a. five private sector items,b. three public sector items, and c. three cross-cutting items

a. Private sector:ICT, Clean technology and water conservation entrepreneurship, Pharmaceuticals, Medical, Architecture and Engineering, Local economic development

b. Public sector:Access to finance, Trade and investment promotion, and enabling environment

c. Cross-cutting:Workforce development and gender integration, institutional transformation, and awareness and outreach

· Key results include:

o 70,000 jobs created

o Increase of USD 438 million in annual revenues in the targeted sectors

o Increase of USD 84 million in annual exports in the targeted sectors

o More than USD 1 billion in new investment brought to Jordan

o Creation of 7,500 new small businesses

o 60 new contracts for the development zones

Key Findings

The program accomplished several initiatives across different targeted areas.

a. Private Sector Initiatives


o Outsourcing ICT jobs to Jordan took off, as did e-gaming innovation

o The project created 5,000 jobs, gained USD 20 million increase in exports, USD 42 million increase in revenue, and USD 6 million in new investment


Clean Technology and Water Conservation Entrepreneurship

o The project hosted a competition for entrepreneurs on the topic, increased R&D, and conducted awareness initiatives

o Research conducted indicates that Jordan’s value proposition in clean technology is focused on: solar energy for power and thermal applications, water conservation, and establishing Jordan as a regional service hub

o The program created an investment-oriented strategy for the sector, created 400 jobs, and facilitated the certification of 100 engineers



o Contract research organizationsare now meeting global standards, and pharmaceutical researchbecame profitable in Jordan

o The program resulted in USD 4 million increase in sector’s revenue, USD 1 million increase in exports, and raised the sector’s visibility in the global market



o The medical tourism industry was strengthened by raising the profile of Jordan’s medical services and the creation of a medical services innovation cluster

o The program created 3,500 new jobs, increased revenue by USD 330 million, increased exports by USD 17 million, and led to accreditation of 8 hospitals


Architecture and Engineering

o An Architecture and Engineering innovation cluster was established which led to a transition of family-ownedbusinesses in the sector to corporations

o This resulted in USD 42 million increase in exports and USD 30 million in revenue


Local Economic Development:The program targeted Irbid and Karak for development, and resulted in creation of 12,000 jobs


b. Public Sector Initiatives

Access to finance:The program encouraged banks to establish SME Loan Departments resulting in increased SME loans by 26%


Trade and investment promotion:The program supported the creation of the Development and Free Zones Commission (DFZC) to stimulate private sector interest in Jordan’s development/free zones.These efforts resulted in USD 1 billion in investment and created 4,000 direct jobs


Enabling environment:The program successfully lobbied for reduced capital requirement laws, which resulted in creation of 7,500 new businesses, and the passage of Small Office Home Office (SOHO) law which legalized home business. The legalization of home-based businesses in Amman may add to USD 400 million to Amman’s economy


c. Cross-Cutting Initiatives

Workforce Development and Gender Integration: The program supported three Career Development Centers throughout Jordan, trained 23,000 women in skill-enhancing training programs, and conducted job fairs


Institutional transformation: The program assisted chambers and business organizations improve operations and conducted an Export Development Program and trade missions to build exporting capacities


Awareness and Outreach:The program conducted 13 awareness campaigns on different topics

Recommended Actions and Initiatives

· Continue with clusters:

o Clusters generate greater visibility for Jordan’s activities, and it brings together stakeholders

o Clusters allow for innovation to precipitate increases in national productivity, competitiveness, and ultimately prosperity

o Continue to use clusters as platform for generation of new ideas and cooperation


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Innovative Approaches to Create Jobs and Prosperity for Jordanians – Economic Development Program Final Report




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Key Topics

Architecture and Engineering – Clean Technology – Development and Free Zones Commission – Enabling Environment – Export Development Program – Gender Integration – ICT – Job creation – Local Economic Development – Medical– Pharmaceuticals – Small Office Home Office (SOHO) law – Trade and Investment Promotion – Water Conservation – Workforce development

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