We are all Jordan - Final Declaration

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Executive Summary

· This declaration is an output of the “We Are All Jordan” forum, an initiative of His Majesty King Abdullah II bin Al Hussein, created to give all Jordanians an unprecedented opportunity to speak out. The declaration is a list of urgent issues facing the country on various levels: strengthening internal capacity, political reforms, economic reforms, social security, and regional challenges.

Key Findings

This section is not relevant for this document as it solely includes recommendations provided during the forum.

Recommended Initiatives/Actions

Strengthening Internal Capacity

· Adopt policies, legislation and procedures to fight corruption and other forms that are inconsistent with the rule of law and social justice through the enactment of an anti-corruption law

· Continue the implementation of political, economic and social reform programs

· Address the imbalance in economic and social development activities/operations across the Kingdom which led to poverty pockets in some provinces

· Develop clear and transparent criteria to assume senior leadership positions

· Spread “Amman Message” and translate ​​into several languages


Political Reforms

· Pass a law for anti-corruption

· Adopt anti money-laundering law

· Enhance role of civil society institutions and amend governing legislation

· Develop the performance of the Islamic courts and community councils

· Define economic legislation regulating the real estate sector in Jordan and conduct a study of owners and tenants


Economic reforms

· Reduce budget deficit to 3% of GDP in five years

· Develop and update the tax system to achieve justice and equality, by increasing the efficiency of tax collection and broadening the tax base

· Do not expand tax/fees exemptions and exceptions

· Establish a national council for competitiveness with members comprised of representatives from government, the private sector, universities and experts in the fields of economy, environment and finance

· Strengthen the capacity of the Central Bank in supervision

· Accelerate the implementation of major development projects to attract more investments


Social security

The declaration includes a number of social security actions/initiatives related to public education, higher education, scientific research, healthcare and poverty


Public Education

· Develop awareness of the importance and benefits of formative years which constitute the foundation for learning

· Establish an accreditation entity responsible for monitoring, supervising and evaluating the quality of education

· Develop new buildings and rehabilitate unsafe buildings

· Improve financial resource utilization

· Develop unified curriculum and teaching methodologies


Higher Education

· Develop competency exams to meet international standards

· Establish accreditation entity responsible for monitoring, supervising and evaluating the quality of education

· Review admissions policies and ensure their fairness and quality

· Design practical courses to enhance employability of students

· Design and introduce entrepreneurial courses to help create self-employment opportunities


Scientific Research

· Create a higher council of different social sectors to update national priorities for scientific research

· Establish national authority for scientific research to coordinate between research centers and industrial sectors

· Build research units in all government entities

· Supply more machines and equipment for research facilities

· Human resources development



· Work on improving public health indicators

· View public and private healthcare as complementary

· Update health affairs legislation and laws

· Expand health insurance coverage to include all sectors in addition to social security of poor and disabled

· Establish a national body to regulate medical, nursing, technical staff


Poverty Reduction

· Work on accelerating the comprehensive reforms being implemented in the Kingdom including economic, social, political, and legal

· Ensure that political, economic, financial, tax and investment policies support efforts to fight poverty and encourage job creation

· Spread microfinance services in poor communities, and provide the necessary support for small businesses

· Expand social security umbrella to include workers in the informal sector and companies that employ less than five employees

· Develop strategy to deal with the housing sector in order to help citizens obtain suitable housing


  Regional Challenges

National security

· Strengthen internal security and national cohesion

· Establish special relations between the Kingdom and the Arab and Islamic countries in all fields

· Strengthen defense capabilities in all aspects to meet the challenges of national security

· Achieve water security, provide new sources of water and deal with neighboring countries to maintain water basins

· Develop plan to deal with rising world oil prices and maintain financial and monetary stability and competitiveness of the national economy


The Palestinian cause

· Confirm national principles

· Work with the Palestinian leadership to improve the daily lives of Palestinians

· Don’t allow Palestinian factions to intervene in Jordan’s internal affairs

· Carry out Jordanian diplomatic efforts to alleviate pressure on the Palestinian people

· Mobilize international support in rebuilding Palestinian institutions and supporting the Palestinian economy


Iraq’s unity and sovereignty

· Provide support to liberalize Iraq from foreign occupation, and work on withdrawing occupying forces at the earliest opportunity

· Reject any foreign interference in the internal affairs of Iraq

· Support Iraq by all means and capabilities to restore its previous roles


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